Making decentralised cover ubiquitous is an integrated Distributer, Broker, Staker and Syndicate manager for Decentralised Finance and Web 3 world. We are working with leading de-centralised cover providers in order to help customers, dApps and others in the Defi space protect themselves from risk and be fully protected and secure.

Cover Compare

For the Retail and business user we offer a comparison tool for customers to check and compare pricing for buying Crypto Cover that helps make the process of getting cover pricing, quotes and purchases of cover as fast, easy and seamless as possible.

API Integration & Distribution

iTrust offers a B2B API that allows Custodians, Exchanges, Wallets and Protocols to embed cover purchase options directly into their Websites and allow their customers to easily purchase cover in a few clicks. This API provides several benefits to both Participants and Business Customers in the Crypto insurance space by making it faster and easier to obtain Cover.

Cover Syndicate Management

iTrust has been successfully staking of the Nexus platform for over 24 months. iTrust offers 2 forms of staking management on the Nexus Mutual platform. Firstly it offers a type of custodial staking vault primarily for wNXM token holders.

Nexus is currently moving to a new “V2” model where the concept of Staking syndicates will be introduced. This will allow Staking to become delegated on chain and will remove any custodial risk that currently exists. As staking is non-custodial and is delegated, issues such as Gas and “Trust” (via iTrust currently being custodial) should disappear.

iTrust plans to operate various Syndicates from Day 1 of the V2 launch, utilising its unique experience over the last 24 months via funds being staked on the Nexus platform.

New Protocol & Custodian Cover

For new Protocols and Custodians, it can be difficult to navigate the process of getting cover established for their users. 

In this context iTrust offer a Consultancy service that acts as an experienced Concierge to manage the process.

This can include the following:

  • Arrange and Manage Shield mining – we will manage this complicated process via using iTG tokens as shield mining rewards
  • Integration into our API – do technical development to bring the protocols or custodians onto our API.
  • Set up, Seed staking and Launch onto Nexus or other Insurers
  • Initial Auditing
  • Ongoing Audit as a Service

iTrust Token

The iTrust token ($iTG) is purely a governance token that currently trades on the following decentralised exchanges: SushiSwap and Uniswap.